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Powerful asp project development tool which integrated with ASP code editing and debugging
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26 May 2010

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In order to generate impressive and dynamic websites and other web services, web developers often prefer using ASP. This requires developers to have an adept ASP editor application in the first place. If you haven’t found any apt ASP editor tool yet, then ASP Studio Professional can come handy for you. It’s an efficient ASP project development utility that integrates useful features to work with ASP codes supporting editing and debugging. You can begin with creating your ASP projects easily with breakpoints, edit code cue functions, supports user-defined objects, allows multi-codepage editing, etc.

After you launch the ASP Studio Professional you can load your projects with the program, which are then displayed them in the left panel. The loaded project is displayed in tree view making easily explored for you. The codes with ASP files of the project are presented for editing on right working area. It supports opening different ASP files in multiple tabs giving you the ability to work with several files altogether. Further, you can perform grouping of project according to the default directory and file types, or create a whole new project, add new pages, and add file or folder. You’re even provided the debug tools to begin and stoop debugging, quick watch, set/clear breakpoints, and perform other functions. Further, the utility integrates different features at bottom side that are Auto Variable, Watch, Call Stack, Output, and Search for carrying out relevant functions. Also you can anytime explore your project with one tab and your System with other tab for opening another project. In addition to these, there’s a huge variety of features available with the application, from which Export DLL file, Intelligent detecting, Search and replace, Bookmark, Target and Source Codepage, Marco code manage, HTML Control, ASP Code, Client JScript are presented to name a few. Moreover, you can upload project and document to ftp, manage ftp files, access browser from remote sever, and also can alter variety of program and functioning configurations.

ASP Studio Professional makes it simpler for you to develop ASP application projects and carry out related numerous functions in quick time. With the extremely broad range of editing, debugging and other features that aid the utility to give tremendous performance, it’s deserves to be rated with 4.5 points.

Publisher's description

Asp Studio Professional is a powerful asp project development tool which integrated with ASP code editing and debugging. With no other asp server, you can edit and debug an ASP project with the help of ASP server integrated capable of debugging , after you create an ASP project simply.
Advantages of the software:
1. Integrated with ASP server: This software is Integrated with an ASP server which has capable of debugging. With no IIS ,you can run and debug the ASP project after creation .(In fact ,your operation system is completely independent of any ASP server .Even in the environments of Windows 98 ,our asp server integrated will also operate normally.)
2. Edit with code cue function: The edit interface of the software is a editor of source level ,it specially optimizes the ASP programs , which make it competent to list the member functions and their grammar cues of ASP object integrated ,COM object and object user-defined .
3. Support breakpoints and step to debug: You can start up your ASP project with breakpoints , step and so on . When the server is executing on the breakpoint(or you're stepping , there are many ways for you to watch the variable values of the current server port .We specially optimize the ASP object integrated , which enables it to show more detailed information on the interface.
4. Applicable to watch object user-definded:Even if your variable is a COM object (for example ,the connection of database ,visit to files in the disc) or other object user-defined ,our software can also precisely show the value and state of the breakpoint.
5. Convenient outer editor interface: The software itself doesn't support WYSWYG static HTML editing function ,but you're free to choose HTML editing software preferred , DreamWeave for example , to edit static HTML code. Interactive editing is applicable for the software.
6. Multi-Codepage editing: The software is able to automatically proc
ASP Studio Professional
ASP Studio Professional
Version 7.8.1
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